Cinema As Art | Nathan Woodward



Thursday, October 11 | 6:30  The Art of Story
A conversation about the role a screenwriter plays in crafting the blueprint of a film and how those words on paper are the 1st Time we tell a cinematic story.

Thursday, October 25 | 6:30     The Art of the Image
A conversation about how the production crew and actors work together to create the visual aesthetic of a cinematic work and how filming the project is the 2nd time we tell the same story.

Wednesday, November 7 | 6:30     The Art of the Edit
A conversation about the role the editor plays in a work of cinema as the person that puts together the film and becomes the third author of the cinematic property.

Thursday, November 29 | 6:30      Art of the Short Form
A Conversation about the versatility of the short film and how all the previous steps apply in making our own short films with the hope of inspiring propellor to make their own works of cinematic art.

Free and Open to the Public

Donations Always Appreciated

Artist Statement

A picture is worth a thousand words and a second of film is 24 individual pictures strung together to give the illusion of movement. A two-hour long film clocks in at 172, 800,000 words – I make films because I have a lot to say and I don’t quite have the words for what I attempt to declare. I have no desire to convince someone of an idea as much as take someone on an experience. I do believe that great art comes from great pain, much to the dismay of the characters I have created. Metaphor is extremely important to me because at the end of the day I feel art has to mean something. When you can start with an idea which only exists as neurons firing around in your brain, write that down, put that into the hands of a team of sometimes thousands of people, and show an audience exactly what transpired in the ether of creativity – that might be the only magic that exists.

I think Cinema is the great American art form. The American experience is so diverse that Cinema lends itself to potentially unlimited avenues of exploration. With my experience and knowledge of how to create the medium and what has been done with the medium, I am uniquely capable of using new technologies to push forward classic film techniques. Cinema is the result of an intensely collaborative process, and I have been quite independent on that end, but my goal moving forward is to continue making films while adding my experience and knowledge to the base of a larger film community.



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