Greg Dickinson | “News and NABISCO” Acrylic Paintings

August 31, 2017 – October 26, 2017


Dickinson, who cites Andy Warhol as his lifelong inspiration. Dickinson graduated from Cedar Rapids’ Mount Mercy College with a degree in art. He worked nearly 20 years as a newspaper carrier for The Clinton Herald before retiring last year.

He states  “I like making people smile no matter what I’m doing. If I can make you smile by looking at something bright and colorful, that’s my mission. When you can paint something people know and see in their everyday life, I think that makes them happy. And that’s always what I’m going back to… making people happy through art.”

According to Dewitt artist Ellen Wagner, Dickinson’s acrylic paintings “touch on fame, joy, and the simplicity of life.  They feel good!”

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