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September 10th, 6 pm

Toys, Play, and Modern Art – Brady Plunger (Assistant Curator of Education) Explores the ways in which various 20th Century artists embraced the concept of play and formal elements or characteristics of toys in both theory and practice. Several major artists in the Stanley’s collection, including Pablo Picasso, Joaquin Torres-Garcia, Hannah Hoch, Alexander Calder, and Paul Klee, all made toys alongside working as artists, and their art will be considered alongside the toys that they made in this talk





October  8th at 6 pm

Woman As Art and Artist – Vero Smith (Associate Curator, Legacies for Iowa Collections-Sharing Project) | A discussion of how the female figure has long been a popular subject in visual art, yet the stories of woman artists are less well known than the successes of their male counterparts. This lecture will examine artworks produced by and about women in the Stanley’s collections.

November 8th at 6 pm  Artists in the UISMA Collections – Vero Smith (Associate Curator, Legacies for Iowa Collections-Sharing Project) | A magnet for the visual and literary arts, the University of Iowa attracted many notable creatives to the state over the past century. This lecture will trace the geographic and aesthetic journeys of several notable artists: Byron Burford, Mauricio Lasansky, Elizabeth Catlett.




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