Land and Light II Exhibit | September 1 – October 27, 2018

Meet The Artists | Sunday, September 16

                      2:00pm – 4:00pm
Carlene Dingman Atwater
Fort Madison, Iowa
Carlene Dingman Atwater was raised on a farm outside of West Point, Iowa; she’s drawn pictures of horses since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Watercolor was her first medium of choice when she saw a Wendell Mohr watercolor. The richness of colors and the transparency of the medium inspired Carlene to pursue watercolor. This evolved to include pastel and oil painting.
Carlene’s introduction to plein air was 25 years ago when the local art center asked her to paint at their garden tour. A lover of the great outdoors this was a perfect fit. She could be seen at the local parks, on the banks of the river or anyplace she could find a nice view.
In 2011 Carlene started a blog, in order to join the daily painters’ movement. Her goal was to post a new, small, oil painting every day for a year. She ended up with over 200 (mostly 6×6) paintings the first year. Along the way she discovered that the discipline of painting (mostly) every day improved technique and pushed her to try new subjects.
Carlene started her “52 Faces of Volunteerism”. with the goal of painting oil portraits from life, once a week, for a year. She started from life for a two hour session, then, because of the volunteers’ busy lives, she finished the portrait from photos. The end exhibit was a tribute to the local non-profits and the volunteers that keep them going.
In her own words: “I believe that a passion for learning is critical; with every painting you discover something new about color, composition and design. The challenge to create the unexpected and original art fuels the imagination. I never tire of the creative process and am always excited to start working on a new project. The process of learning and evolving is empowering.”
Recent Solo Exhibit
2016 – Fifty Two Faces of Volunteerism – Fort Madison Area Arts Association
2015 – Fairfield Arts Association, Fairfield, Iowa
2014 – University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinic, Iowa City, Iowa
2013 – North Missouri Arts Council, Marceline, MO
Recent Awards
2018 – 3rd place Paint Van Buren, Bentonsport, Iowa
2017 – !st place Bloomfield Plein air Bloomfield, Iowa
2017 – 1st place Paint Van Buren, Bentonsport, Iowa
2016 – 3rd place Nocturne Bluff Strokes, Dubuque, iowa

Artist Biography

John Preston lives in Fairfield but grew up on America’s three coasts and has been painting and drawing the Iowa landscape since 1984. He began with the expansive skies and fields of the Midwest but is currently exploring its rivers, woods and small towns. His
Midwestern images have been exhibited regionally, nationally and as far away as Cambodia and Nigeria. His work is included in public and private collections, including Iowa State University, John Deere and the Chicago Federal Reserve.

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