Sunday August 21, 2016 |2:00pm


Duane Hagerty, CEO of Heritage Works, is a historic preservation consultant, architectural historian


Ryan Engelman bw

Ryan Engelman, Heritage Works’ Preservation and Programs Manager, is a historic preservation professional with extensive knowledge of Dubuque’s heritage.


Art surrounds us in our daily lives, yet we rarely take the time to notice. What we see everyday are houses, barns, churches and school buildings. Although these buildings were constructed for the specific function of providing shelter, their designs often stimulate the senses and stir emotions. They are the very definition of art. This presentation by Duane Hagerty and Ryan Engelman of Heritage Works in Dubuque will highlight the art embedded in Jackson County’s historic buildings and help you look at buildings in a whole new light.

Heritage Works is a historic preservation nonprofit focused on highlighting the importance of the Dubuque region’s historic architectural resources and assisting in the preservation and redevelopment of those resources.

Free and Open to the Public

Hosted by MAE

Sponsored by the Maquoketa Historic Preservation