Arteage à Trois by Bill Wohlford, Amy Nielsen, and Judy O. Gray (members of The Art Collective)

Thursday, March 21, 2013-Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bill Wohlford, Amy Nielsen, and Judy O. Gray are three members of The Art Collective, which was established in 2007 when a group of Quad Cities area artists joined forces to create wider markets for the works of the many talented artists of this area. In keeping with the independent and creative personalities of its members, the Collective is a relatively informal and loosely governed group of well-established regional artists drawn from communities of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Their members are long-time participants—and have won major awards—in various art fairs and exhibitions. Individual members’ works include a variety of two- and three-dimensional pieces:

Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, and Pastel Paintings
Fiber Mosaics
Porcelain/Raku Figures
Wood Sculpture
Digital Photography
Mixed Media Works
Artist Statement

Members of The Art Collective are committed to supporting the arts through affiliations with art leagues and educational organizations in our communities. Works cover a wide range of two-dimensional and three-dimensional fine art, ranging from realistic to impressionist, from serious to whimsical. The themes and processes involved in producing work exhibited by The Art Collective reflect the diverse interests and styles of member artists. An element common to all the work exhibited is a high level of artistic talent and professionalism. To find out more about the individual artists, click on his/her name: Bill Wohlford, Amy Nielsen, Judy O. Gray.