Author B. J. Schwartz (Bret Terrell) |Meet The Author– Tuesday, July 18, 2pm

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Bring your camera, purchase a book and take your picture with Max XX, The Malamute and Children’s Book Author, “Plumery Tails”,  B. J. Schwartz (Bret Terrell) 

Bret  moved from St. Paul, MN to Iowa with his fiancé in 2007. During the winter months he wrote poetry just as he did as a young man. He wrote a book and went to some local publishers who suggested with his poetry to write children’s books. Not sure if that was the direction he wanted to take, he had to ponder the idea.  Later on that evening he was at his computer with his k-9 companion Max by his side. Here is where he created the idea to write stories about a young boy and his Alaskan malamute. He wrote 7 books in “The Adventures of Max & I” series, each one more progressive than the next utilizing challenging words for children to learn from and providing a glossary in the back for their reference. A strong fan base resulted as they visited malls, schools and many functions spreading the word of the books. 

During the height of the popularity of his books, Max passed due to bone cancer. Devastated, he did not want to go on with the “Adventure”.  He was encouraged friends, teachers and home school students about continuing the books as they were so entertaining and educational they must go on.  

 He went to look for a new protagonist, when he showed up at the breeder he fell in love with not just one boy, but two Alaskan malamutes. This birthed the next series “Plumery Tails”,  The Adventures of Lil’ Maxx and Bear. There are now three series geared more for the teen years.  

This brings us to where Bret is today…The Plumery Tails Malamute Ranch, located in Cottonville, Iowa, “Plumery Tails Malamute Ranch”  is a family owned interactive proprietary, where visitors willingly provide compensations in order to observe, up-close, the loving affections and behaviors of our nine Alaskan Malamutes. With each paid admission, patrons are allowed to take pictures, videos, acquire informative answers to questions while observing the natural frolik and pack order rituals of this amazingly intelligent breed. Also explained is the daily lifestyle and care for our Malamute dependents. Customers of Plumery Tails are provided with an escorted tour, throughout our domicile, showing where the boys eat, sleep and reside during their more intolerable seasons: non-winter months, unbefitting to their original make up and cold weather habitat.

Bret and his wife place enormous educational emphasis on the breed’s history and innate behavioral patterns, their derived purpose as well as their origin; to include some of the practices of their creators, The Mahlemut peoples of Alaska. 

All in all, Plumery Tails is a heartwarming and cathartic opportunity to commingle with a “true” pack of large, powerful, intelligent and somewhat intimidating dogs, on their own territory, without the fear of imposition nor disruption by the presence of man. This is the uniqueness we provide that keeps the public coming back for more.