Carver’s Exhibit

Sunday, June 12, 2016 – Sunday, June 19, 2016

Meet the Artists |Thursday, June 16, 2016 | 4-6pm

Free and Open to the Public

Fred Cogelow

@BillChipCColor Fred’s reputation was initially established through the major non-bird North American carving competition. It was fortunate that his entry into carving came just as the revival of interest in the genre was within a decade of reaching its peak. The International Woodcarvers Congress of Davenport, IA, the International Woodcarvers Exhibition of the Canadian National Exhibition of Toronto, Ontario, and The Wood-carver Showcase of Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO, offered annual Best of show purses ranging from $2,00-$5,000. In 1983, he took a record five Best of Group awards at the Iowa show and followed that with Best of Show in Toronto. He would take three more top awards at Toronto before management issues ended that show in 1991, three best of shows in Missouri in the four brief years the show ran, and around a dozen top honors at the Iowa show, the only one of the three yet existing. Most recent Best of Show at the International Woodcarver Congress was in 2011 with the life-size statue, “A Penny Saved…?”.   (In 2010 Best of Show went to my relief carving, “Betty’s Spies,” with another of Fed’s reliefs, “Deck of ’51,” taking First Runner-up.

Publications include:

1991; “Sculptor in Wood,” 153 pp., a pictorial retrospective with anecdotes

1993: “Beyond the Cutting Edge,” a dissertation on tools, sharpening, and beginning relief carving.

1990 thru present: Numerous columns by “The Parsimonious Curmudgeon” for the National Woodcarvers’ Magazine, “Chip-Chats”

1994: “On the Principles of Carving in Mezzo-Relief,” the theory and practice in that genre as extrapolated from my own experience and observations; published by the Affiliated Woodcarvers, Inc., parent organization of the International Woodcarvers Congress.


Marv Kaisersat 

2012 International Woodcarvers CongressMarv was a teacher in junior high math and they went on strike.  He picker-up a book by Andy Anderson and started carving for something to do.  Retired from teaching in 1995, he has never quit carving. He lives in Fairbault, Minnesota.

He is one of the original 12 selected to be in the Caricature Carvers of America.  He is currently a member with the standing of “emeritus”. (A member, just not active on the circuit).  This is an exclusive club, you must be asked to join and it is limited to 25 active members.  Caricature Carvers of America celebrated their 25th year in 2015.

Marv has focused primarily on caricature carving but has ventured into a more stylized form of caricature in recent years.  Marv models his carvings out of clay before he takes it to the wood.  He finds that this helps him to figure out the design, what tools will work and eases the carving process.  It does not mean it will be an exact replica of the clay, but it will be close.  Marv is a self-taught clay model using an oil base clay.

One third of the time spent on a new piece will be on research and clay modeling.   Marv is well known for producing complicated pieces out of one piece of wood.  He has done some insertion, such as a fishing rod when necessary.  He likes the challenge of making it out of one piece of wood, primarily basswood.  He tries to get one complicated piece done a year.  He also does smaller carvings and has donated artwork to different organization to assist in their fund raising.