CLARINET DUET: Kim Carr and Maurita Murphy Marx

The Brazilian Choro: Lecture-Recital A Journey for Brazil’s National Identity

October 6 | 2:00pm

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Kim Carr is a native of Maquoketa. Her love of music started at an early age. After graduating from MCHS she studied Clarinet    performance at the University of Iowa. She is currently volunteering her time and talent in the music department at Maquoketa’s Middle School. She lives in Maquoketa with her husband John Williams, and 12-year-old son Sam Williams.

Maurita Murphy Marx has a PHD in Clarinet Performance and Pedagogy. She retired from teaching at the University of Iowa in 2014. She continues to enjoy music and is particularly interested in Brazilian Choros which is best described in American terms as “the New Orleans jazz of Brazil.” It is a complex popular musical form based on improvisation, and like New Orleans jazz, blues, or ragtime, grew from a formalized musical structure and many worldly influences. She is currently enjoying retirement and traveling along with her music.