Codex Silenda-The Mechanical Book of Puzzles | Brady Whitney Industrial Designer/CEO of Arcane Concepts Inc

Sunday, October 28, 2018

2:00 – 3:00pm

Discussion and viewing of this intriguing work of futuristic wood design

An intricate wooden book; comprised of five different mechanical puzzles. In order to read the book, you must unlock each page in succession in order to progress, following along with a clue-laden story engraved into the back of each puzzle.

Artist Statement

Growing up in the eastern rural farmlands of Iowa, I was taught many life lessons through the various days of farm work and imaginative play on my parent’s cattle farm. Such lessons as diligence and taking pride in one’s work; as well as a respect for all living things, man or nature. As a child, my mom would shoo my siblings and I out of the house, telling us to go “play” rather than be indoors and watch television for which I am eternally thankful now, albeit not so much back then. Those years of childhood instilled a sense of imagination and wonder that still drives my designs today. Taking in everything and being able to create and design things that no one else has imagined or thought up yet is the very thing that fuels my passion. The interaction between the user and the product should be both visually pleasing and physically engaging for all involved. I simply want to challenge the user, improve my abilities, and continue to discover new and exciting designs to benefit all.

Now I’m currently the CEO of Arcane Concepts Inc., the business I started when my Codex Silenda Kickstarter Campaign took off like a rocket. Currently, our small business as of now has 2 Lasers and 3 total employees but we’re kicking books out the door by the dozen or more each week. The business has been growing slowly but surely for the past two years and we are nearing the end of our Kickstarter Campaign, excited to start the next big idea (…Codex #2?…Shhhh… it’s a secret!)

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Codex SILENDA (sci-len-dah)