Kimberlee and Liona Rocca Exhibitions | March 1 – April 30, 2023

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Kimberlee and Liona Rocca Exhibitions | March 1 – April 30, 2023

March 1, 2023 - April 30, 2023

Kimberlee & Liona Rocca Exhibition

Enjoy the artwork of Kimberlee and Liona Rocca from March 1 to April 30, 2023
Artists Reception | Sunday, March 26th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm
There will be items for sale, as well as interactive exhibits.
Admission is free and open to the public. Donations are appreciated.


Kimberlee Rocco – A Plethora of Art & Play



Rescued From The Scrap Heap – Reborn Into Beauty I am an Iowa artisan working by day in new home construction and remodeling. My job sites are filled with a myriad of common, yet uncommon materials that continually spark my imagination and wiggle their way into my fine artworks. Designing and building homes capture a desire for large-scale creativity, but the ever-flowing variety of construction waste products intrigues my bold color-loving side. My two artistic disciplines are intertwined and I have found that I can barely do one without the other. Walking the sites is part of my process. I regularly scavenge through the tossed materials to discover unused treasures which frequently become my next inspirational launching pad. I have generated a collection of random pieces of raw wood, beams, stone, tile, paper, plastic and metals that I can process with abandon because I know there will always be more discarded. Homebuilding requires a subtle elegance and simplicity in product selection, textures and colors as well as precision in execution and craftsmanship. Due to these limitations, my artistry tends to run in the polar opposite direction with bold colors, wild shapes and intentional imperfections.

Foil, painting and mixed media work of all sizes is my sketchbook of sorts as I continually prepare for larger-scale works yet to come. Preplanning is confining, but necessary. Exploration is glorious and where my work comes alive!


Liona Rocca – Portraits of Caricature


Through visual and written media I have found a love for calling out the inner-hero in people from all walks of life. I create portraits in digital art. Watercolor and mixed media sometimes with written backstories of full character development. I spend hours sketching, practicing compositions, body poses and working with color theory principles to create original characters in my personal style from everyday photos.

I do commission portraits of children, adults and pets in representational or hero attire. Commission works
begin with a series of questions about favorite colors, dream superpower and favorite superhero attire or desired setting. With this information and a few reference photos I will sketch and thoughtfully create my interpretation for your original character or representational portrait.

Digital works can be reproduced onto many items: canvas, prints, blankets, placemats, water bottles, puzzles, note cards and more.

To commission a work you can reach me through Instagram @capt.Lrock


March 1, 2023
April 30, 2023
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