Floriana Hayes | Pastel Exhibit :”A Little This, A Little That”

September 2 –  October 28, 2021

Artist’s Statement

Since my earliest memories I have always enjoyed drawing and coloring. Give me a piece of paper and a Crayola and I was set for the day. I enjoy a wide spectrum of subject matter from landscapes to still life with a smattering of portraits thrown in.Many of my landscapes are Iowa scenes, but many are from places I have visited and love.

With still lifes, I am fascinated with reflections. My son gave me a silver penguin candle stick holder which I found could gently reflect the apples and oranges in my painting. Likewise, the cut glass bowls play havoc with reflecting the fruit colors contained within the bowl.

One of my favorite subjects is marbles. I have sol many from this and fulfilled commissions when customers wanted specific colors. Or color combination. Cat’s eye marbles are my favorite, they sparkle and pair well with other more exotic marbles like the clay Italian Marbles and the hand-blown Art Marbles. I strive to art work that pops out at the viewer. I want the viewer to feel they can just reach into the painting and pull out a marble.