Fluid Notions Exhibit by Sarika Sugla

Saturday, August 1, 2015-Saturday, September 26, 2015
Meet the Artist |Sunday, Sept 13, 1-3pm

This exhibition explores water as a metaphor for the continuity of thought and emotion, or the lack thereof. Using personal memories and interactions with water, these works represent the space, time, and emotion spent finding and losing oneself at the water’s edge.

Artist Biography:
Sarika Sugla is an artist, printmaker, and curator currently living and working in Iowa City. Sarika was born and raised in New Jersey by her lovely Puerto Rican mother and Indian father. Through family trips and constant proximity, water became an intricate part of her life and way of thinking.

Sarika received her MFA in Printmaking in 2014 and her MA as an Iowa Arts Fellowship recipient in 2013 from the University of Iowa. She also received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2011, and has worked as a printer for various print projects at the Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions in New Jersey. She has exhibited widely throughout the United States, as well as internationally in Portugal.

Currently, Sarika works as an Assistant Curator at the University of Iowa Museum of Art and also works as the manager of the Times Club Gallery, a small cafe exhibition-space in the historic Iowa City bookstore, Prairie Lights.

For more information about the artist, please visit her website here: www.sarikasugla.com

Artist Statement
Water, an element of constantly changing states, is an ideal lens to to help us see, understand, and respond to the world, our flooding memories, and the morphing challenges that are presented to us daily.

Using water as a metaphor for the fluidity of our experiences, my work explores concepts of time, change, and continuity in our increasingly abstract lives. I use water as a medium, both as an artistic material and foreboding entity, to reflect upon our everyday lives and as a way of understanding one’s relationship to the world. Photography is used as a means of documentation, print as a tool to share the interpretive nature of memory and image, and text is included to describe changing psychological states. Collectively, my work acts as an archive and collection of water-related thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

We all have extremely unique relationships with water, but its importance and presence is shared. From our individual, daily experiences with water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning to the idyllic aquacolored beaches for the picture-perfect vacation, taking note of the presence of water can be a curious marker of each of our lives.

My work hopes to open viewers to the idea of self-defined spirituality, or collecting your own alliance and material, regardless of religion. Everybody is searching, and by using water as a vehicle, my work offers away of finding continuity amidst the changing pace and nature of our world.