Gin Lammert | “Painter of Radiant Light”

May 11 – June 24, 2019

Artist reception: May 11th, 2-4PM


I look for the subtle changes that light creates when observing my surroundings.  I’m always searching for what may not be obvious at first glance.  Each stroke of paint, pencil, or pastel chalk I make reflect what my eyes see and what my heart feels.    After spending over two decades exclusively using pencil on paper and painting on glass for stained glass studios, I now use soft pastels and oil paints to express my signature work.


Gin Lammert is best known for her ability to capture the likeness and essence in portrait work.  She finds value in creating paintings of all subject matter, be it a landscape, still life or portrait.   Her works have been labeled “Treasures from the Heart” by both private and corporate collectors.     Since 1978, Gin has won numerous awards while participating in juried fine art shows in the Midwest, USA.  The signature of her work has changed three times during her remarkable journey as an artist. There are a few rare pieces signed in her maiden name of South, followed by 27 years as Ginny Sorak, and now since 2001, as Gin Lammert.


Growing up in the Midwest, Gin is partial to the open spaces of farm land, the hospitality of small communities, and the cultural excitement found in smaller cities.  She currently lives in Davis Co., Ia with her husband Keith and their two indoor cats.  She is inspired  to paint the places and people she meets everyday, including shared moments with grandkids.  “I feel blessed to be able to share the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated over the years by teaching, mentoring and giving demonstrations whenever possible.”