Jo Myers-Walker and Louise O’Donnell Water Color/Pastel Exhibit

Saturday, November 16, 2013-Saturday, January 11, 2014

Artist Statement

Jo Myers-Walker

I’ve been an artist and art teacher for more than 35 years, working with people of all ages. Although I’m mostly into watercolors, I’m always exploring new techniques and materials. For me, the most joy of creating something is in the process of dreaming it up and figuring out how to actualize it. The recent sale of my studio building gives me the freedom to paint, live simply, go “on tour,” and be of service. I try to encourage others to have the courage to risk and live creatively.

Louise O’Donnell

I returned to Iowa about 10 years ago after living in many places across the United States. The move has enriched my life and the major aspect of that enrichment is the pursuit of artistic expression. Combining that expression with the emotions I feel at being back home has been very rewarding. I initially worked in watercolor because its rendering of light appealed very much to me, and the feelings I had about what I was painting seemed to require that shadow and light. I paint a lot of subjects which are retrospective, scenes stolen from small brownie snapshots of life that call forth evocative feelings. Then I moved on to pastel, which appeals to me because of its vividness and the ability to get depth of nuanced color with layering. The brilliant color must be harnessed, versus watercolor where it must be pursued. I am most drawn to scenes of hot sun, cool shade – the feel of a Midwest summer day. My subject matter always comes from an intense emotional connection that I cultivate with the scene. I can’t paint if I don’t feel! Hence a lot of my work is personal in its aspect, but hopefully, it stirs the viewer to feel what I feel, most often a longing to be present in the moment portrayed.