KC Barnes Exhibit: Half a Century of Art | Acrylic , Watercolor, & Oil


Tuesday, August 30 – Thursday, October 27, 2016

Meet the Artist Reception/Demonstration

Sunday, September 11, 2016, 1pm – 3pm

OCT 20 061

Artist Statement:

To live without Color is to live with a Handicap–

KC Barnes uses bold, vibrant color to  transform a landscape into a glowing vision. Her paintings are conceptual, abstracted images of reality.  The selection of palette and technique used by this artist, demonstrate her in-depth knowledge of the land.

KC studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Northern Illinois University. She has concentrated on impressionistic landscapes for over 50 years. She has developed a unique style and masterful blend of colors that transports the viewer into her radiant world.

In 1989 KC was invited to show her work at the Governor’s Mansion in Springfield, Ill. Governor Thompson appreciated her work and invited her back to paint the mansion’s garden.

In 1993 KC and her family moved to Iowa. Many of the works displayed in this Half Century of Art, are from the inspirational Iowa landscapes.

KC’s current work is inspired by a snorkeling trip to Hawaii. The abstracts merge the rolling hills of Iowa with her underwater visions.

The abstracts merge the rolling hills of Iowa with her underwater visions.

Selected Galleries & Exhibits:
Ft. Wayne Museum of Art Rental /Sales Gallery
Courtyard Gallery, New Buffalo, MI
Peoria  Art Guild, Peoria, Illinois
The Chicago Store, North Pier Terminal, Chicago, Illinois
Upstart Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
Illinois Artesian Shop, Thompson Center, Chicago, Illinois