Politics Expressed in Prints

Friday, May 29, 2015
Serhat Tanyolacar is a Turkish born multi-media artist, print maker, political activist and autism advocate. His latest large scale relief prints focus on reconstructions of daily life imagery with the components of nostalgia and popular culture. His reconstructed narratives bring an absurd socio-political commentary over the contemporary problems in politics, world economy, gender roles, nationality, and global culture.

He received his MFA at University of South Florida. He studied Fine Arts at Bilkent University Fine Arts Department and received his second BFA at Austin Peay State University in 2008. Tanyolacar has exhibited his works in New York, California, St. Louis, Michigan, Washington D.C., Florida, Tennessee, Istanbul and Ankara. He has taught studio art classes at University of Iowa, University of South Florida, University of Tampa, Florida Institute of Technology and Eastern Florida State College.

Serhat is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor and recipient of The Grant Wood Fellowship in Printmaking at University of Iowa.

Artist Statement

“As an artist, my intention in artistic production is to use my daily life experience in satirical and ironical reconstructions often by adding the nostalgia element. The reconstructed (art) product then intends to create a visual dialogue between itself and its viewer. When I first came to America in 2012 the majority of my works were based on my Turkish experiences. Frankly in my studio practices I never directly aimed to work with Turkish social, political, cultural structure when I was living in Turkey. Especially since 2011 I have been seeking for different; poetical and innovative strategies to form a (more universal) dialogue between the art work and the audience even if the subject is specifically the other, or the Orient.”
For more information: http://www.serhattanyolacar.com