Alcohol Ink Class | Pam Fetzner MARCH 21, 2020


Alcohol ink art is one of the newest and most exciting media to hit the art community. It involves painting with a medium that is unpredictable and challenging and that turns into a beautiful piece of art. You will learn several techniques, flowers, landscapes, and abstracts. No two painting will be alike and from the beginning your personal style will brilliantly shine through each of your paintings. This class is for ALL LEVELS. I really mean that! Everyone is a beginner the first time they use alcohol ink. You will soon understand that experimentation and exploration is an important part of my class and no matter what your skill level my class always encourages creativity and FUN!

Here is What You Will Learn: Fundamentals of working with alcohol inks Learn about the supplies and safety tips Learn to use canned air or blowing with a straw, and other techniques Learn how to seal your artwork Students will paint on ceramic tiles and special paper Do not wear your best clothes, the inks will stain Everyone should go home with a couple of completed pieces of artwork For additional photos of alcohol ink art visit my website at

Ages – adults, teens 16 and up.  All skill levels .  Date – March 21 , 2020      Time – 12:30 – 3:00/3:30 pm .         TOTAL Cost: $30

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