Time Travel to the 1700’s


Have you ever wondered about life as a young person during another time period? 

Here is your opportunity to do so!

Learn about our country’s history in the American colonies as we visit daily life in the 1700’s using American Girl literature.  Learn the art of cursive writing, drawing a self-portrait and developing our skills with fiber art of the time period as well as other activities.  The journey will end each day with a “formal tea” time in which we will develop the proper etiquette for a “formal tea”.    Girls and boys will enjoy this artful passage into the social life of this time period

Ages: 8 and up .  Dates:  Tuesday, August 6 – August 9th  ( 4 days of fun!) .   Time:  9:30 – 11:30am  Cost: $12.00       

Limited Class Size

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