Robert D Peterson | “Welcome to My World” Exhibit

January 3 – February 28, 2019 

Artist Reception | 2-4PM – Saturday, January 12, 2019

Artist Statement

My years of technical art illustration, graphic art, photography, and engineering drafting experience are the foundations of my art. The approach that I have for drawing, etching, and painting is via my technical background.

Robert Henri and a group called The Eight influenced my thinking about the arts. One of Henri’s books, The Art Spirit was inspirational. All of these are very important not only to me, but should be for all artists. The following are statements that I’ve collected over the years:

1. We are not here to do what has already been done.

2. The artist is the person who leaves the crowd and goes pioneering.

3. All any artist can hope to do is add his fragment to the whole.

4. The artist who has great emotion might burst into tears-but that is far as he will get if he has no practical side. The artist must have the emotional side first, the primal cause of his being an artist, but he must also have an excellent mind, which he must command and use as a tool for the expression of his emotions.

5. No matter how good an artist’s education is his education is in his own hands. All education must be self-education.

6. Few artists will ever mention that they have studied under themselves.

7. We must realize that artists are not in competition with each other.

8. You can learn much from others, but more from yourself.

9. Try to reduce everything you see to the utmost simplicity.

10. A work of art is the result of the effect of the model on the artist. It is not the model we need, but the vision.

11. Works of art are created, not to satisfy the viewer, but the creator.

As I read, draw, etch, and paint, I try to apply the techniques of suggestion rather than showing. Most of my art looks super detailed, but take a closer look. You will find that many details are loosely painted or drawn. I like to call my artistic style as being: Abstract Realism.

I have a great appreciation for all styles and media in the art

Activities in Art

1. Vice-President, Creative Artists Club, Cedar Rapids, IA, 2011-2016

2. State Show Director, Iowa Artists, State Show (May), 2014

3. Travelled (1990 – present) to 48 of the 50 USA states and internationally to 20 countries. Visited dozens of history museums, cathedrals, churches, art museums, art studios, art galleries, parks, commercial manufactures of artistic objects, theater performances, orchestra concerts, ballets, artists, etc. Some of the countries are China, Thailand, Netherlands, Russia, Norway, Italy, Germany, Austria, and others.

4. Christmas, I have created an original drawing or etching for the cover of my personal Christmas card for each of the past 47 years.

5. Library, My personal library contains 1,100 art books out of 2,500 total.

6. Fine Artist, created fine art ink drawings, etchings, engravings, woodcuts, prints, landscape paintings, portraits, custom welded jewelry, and metal sculptures from 1967 and on. Many works have won awards.