Stan Greenwood| Abstract Paintings

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Exhibition | Thursday, Dec. 3 – Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016

Meet the Artist | Sunday, December 6, 4:30pm – 7:00pm




Artist Biography

Stan became interested in art at the University of Northern Iowa. Painting was his favorite class and he graduated with a BA degree in art education. After joining the Air Force, Stan was trained and worked as a photographer. After serving in the military he was accepted into the graduate program at the University of Iowa where Stan studied fine art photography with a secondary emphasis in drawing, earning an MA and a MFA degree.  

Stan taught middle school art at Clearcreek Community School District for four years, followed by working as a medical photographer at the University of Iowa Hospital for three years. He then became a high school photography instructor in the Des Moines Public Schools for 25 years. Now retired, Stan enjoys painting, drawing, abstract photography, and playing the bass guitar.

Artist Statement

As an artist I enjoy abstract images regardless of the medium. When painting or drawing I make gestural marks and lines of various sizes and energy levels in order to create an interesting design. I am also intrigued by the interaction and changes that occur when color and value are used to produce an overall harmony in a painting.

My approach to painting is close to music composition or the improvisation of a jazz musician. Rather than trying to represent an object or scene, I start a new painting or drawing with an interesting mark or shape and then react to what is on the surface to intuitively determine what to do next. I have no predetermined plan or design but allow the process to determine the final result. This allows for creative surprises and end results that could not have been made ahead of time. I find this approach to be an exciting way to draw and paint and enjoy the spontaneous results that occur.