Student Exhibition: An Expression of Flight by Jacob Koll

Saturday, December 15, 2012-Thursday, February 28, 2013

MAE featured another one of our local high school artists. Jacob Koll is a senior at Maquoketa High School. He is also enrolled in concurrent classes at Clinton Community College’s Maquoketa Center. Jacob participates in baseball and soccer at the high school. Next year, he will pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film, Video, New Media, and Animation at the School of Art Institute of Chicago.

Artist Statement

Jacob distinctly remembers that his interest in art, as well as technology, began at the age of nine when he started playing the video game Halo and subsequently, began sketching in his own free time. Halo, through its innovative game play, continues to inspire him to think outside the box and see art without bounds. However, since then, he has grown as an artist and is also inspired through his Christian faith, which manifests itself in his work in a nuanced manner. Jacob never misses an opportunity to undertake any creative form. He draws, paints, takes photographs, and enjoys using technology programs, such as Photoshop for design purposes. He is willing and ready to explore all that the art world has to offer him.
Jacob describes his creative process in the following way. “As I put my works into motion, they are sparked by a spontaneous thought that grows and evolves until I have a completed work of art.” He goes on to state that he notices dark undertones in his works, which are often balanced by an expression of empowerment. He attributes the dark undertones to traumatic childhood injuries and the notes of empowerment to his faith.