Student Gallery: The Way I See Things, Photography by Isaac Biehl

Friday, March 1, 2013-Monday, April 15, 2013

Isaac Biehl is a senior at Maquoketa High School, and he also takes classes through Clinton Community College. He has been active in school, participating in basketball, soccer, and football. He is also a member of Club hOpe, a student organization that seeks to make a difference in the world. He highly recommends that other students join this organization, attend different events, and get involved in different activities to make their high school experience more enjoyable.

Upon graduation, Isaac will most likely finish his two-year degree while deciding on his major and other future plans. His choices of major include photography, creative writing, or liberal arts. He explains that he would “love to have photography” in his future career because he wants to do something he enjoys.

Artist Statement

Isaac has taken several art classes throughout his high school career and is currently enrolled in advanced art and advanced photography. He recounts his long interest in photography through the following anecdote. “I’ve liked taking pictures from a very young age. I used to always steal my family’s disposable cameras and take random pictures. The first time I really got into photography was at my mom’s wedding. She gave me my very own disposable camera the whole night. I just went around taking pictures of everything and everyone. I thought it was the best thing ever. As I got older, I had a family friend who was a photographer, and I really liked his work. I thought his photos were so cool. I wanted to be able to create images just as awesome.” In his photographs, Isaac likes to capture his subject matter from unusual angles to give viewers a different perspective. He states, “Everyone looks at things differently, so I think it’s pretty neat to let people see the way you were looking at a particular subject.”