TF Hempel Exhibit

Wednesday, July 1, 2015-Monday, August 31, 2015

TF Hempel, Book Signing–Boats, Barns and Bungalows
Meet the Artist/Author | Friday, July 10, 2015, 4pm – 7pm

Tom Hempel is one of the Quad Cities area’s most talented and creative watercolor artists. More importantly, he is also my friend. Tom has completed over 1,200 original paintings depicting homes – new and old – schools, universities, public and private office buildings and churches. His work is widely distributed both in and outside the Quad Cities. Though well known for the work he has done to date, Tom has recently begun to expand his creative horizons by painting what he “sees” with his eyes and heart and not so much from photos he has taken. He is doing more “whimsical’ work, combining several different scenes to make a new scene. As a result, he has launched a new era of creativity.

Tom’s paintings have been featured in local newspapers on both sides of the river and recently has had over forty of his paintings displayed in an exhibition at a new business in LeClaire which received high critical praise and led to several paintings being sold.

Tom was born in Chicago but grew up in Bettendorf – in second grade his art interest was developed. He attended both public and private schools but it was in the 7th grade that he received his inspiration. He took an advanced art class at Bettendorf High School encouraged by his art teacher, Don Posten. And it was here with Don that Tom developed his interest in the medium of watercolors. He moved directly into advanced art classes through high school where he continued to be coached and encouraged by Mr. Posten after graduation. Though he received help and support, Tom was largely self taught during these early years of his career.

Tom was drafted into the Army in 1966 and served two years, one in Vietnam. After his return in 1968 he continued his art training at Palmer Junior College in 1969 – 1970. In 1975 he married Marti Carstensen and it was Marti who rekindled his love of watercolors and asked him to paint a picture for her. Since they both shared a love and admiration of the old buildings in East Davenport Village, he painted a watercolor of Boyler’s Iron Works which was the first painting Tom sold. The rest is history. Tom’s artistic role models are Paul Norton, a local artist, and John Pike of New York. He continues to evolve in his art and his latest works are more vibrant and imaginative. I have enjoyed watching Tom enter into this new chapter in his painting career and look forward to more creative works.

Tom and Marti currently live in Davenport and enjoy spending time with their daughters and sons-in- law and grandchildren. Tom can be contacted at his home at 563-355-8410. Reproductions of his art work are sold through several public and private outlets in the Quad Cities and regional sales outlets.