Women of the Americas, a Pastel Exhibition by Janet Checker

Saturday, August 17, 2013-Saturday, September 28, 2013

Women of the Americas by Janet Checker

Artist Statement

My art is a blend of many different creative expressions over many years. Working as a fashion advertising artist in Chicago, I started experimenting with different forms of art in my spare time. Because I enjoyed fashion and working with texture, weaving became my main interest. I created wearable art, which I sold directly to boutiques and through apparel marts in Dallas, Denver, Chicago and Hawaii.

My interest in archeology and the art of early civilizations began to influence my art. I started weaving the Pre-Columbian symbols into my designs then painting those designs on silk, which I used in my handwoven fashions. Eventually, I discovered I enjoyed the painting process more than weaving. I continued to paint those ancient symbols but on canvas from there; it was a natural progression to paint and include the images of those ancient people and their modern descendants into my paintings.

Currently, working in either oil or pastel, my interests include portraits, figurative art, murals and a series called Women Of The Americas. I feel I have combined and expanded on all my interests and as an artist, I am pleased with the result of this continous blending.

A California native, Janet was raised in Chicago where she first attended the Chicago Art Institute at age 11 on a scholarship awarded to promising students enrolled in public school. After high school, she attened both the Art Institute and the American Academy of Art, both located in Chicago. She worked in advertising for many years and taught fashion illustration, design and figure drawing at Ray Vogue School of art (Ray College of Design and recently renamed again as Illinois Institute of Design). Currently, she lives in an 1842 Greek Revival home in the historic town of Galena, IL, where she keeps her studio in the old servants’ quarters. Her art has been shown in Southwest Art and Weavers Journal.

Her creative experience includes teaching art classes and workshops around the United States and curating local art exhibits. She has led several student tours to England, France, and Italy. Collectors of her art can be found both here and abroad.