Zen Doodle Exhibit

Tuesday, October 28, 2014-Sunday, November 30, 2014

Creating Pattern Designs and Mindfulness

Opening Reception | Sunday, October 26, 2014 | 1-3pm

Zentangle is a popular art form and method created by Marie Thomas and Rick Roberts. The name is trademarked and the format is specifically defined. When this art form is used in any other format it is called a “Zentangle-inspired” creation and goes by several names: Zen Doodle, Doodle Art, and Tangles.

Zen Doodle art is fun and easy to learn. It is often wrongfully referred to as doodling. Though there are some similarities, doodles are actually drawings done without full-attention while a person is otherwise occupied (often out of boredom). Zen Doodle is focused on creating pattern designs and mindfulness so that you do not think of anything else. The relaxed, meditative state created can relieve stress and lead to increased focus and productivity.

The actual process involves dividing our paper into random sections with light pencil lines. This is called a “string”. Fill one section with a repetitive pattern that is called a “tangle”. As you fill each section the pencil lines disappear in the pattern.
Many of the patterns used have ancient origins but our creative composition will make each piece unique. Patterns can be found all around us, in nature and our environment, or can be found in books, on the internet, or can be original designs of our own.
The worldwide attraction of this art form is easy to understand. The tools are simple and portable – a pencil, a pen, and paper. There is no right or wrong. No mistakes – only opportunities.

Artist Statement

I guess this is the time now, when I’m supposed to say why I love to paint in watercolors:
I’ll have to start in Kindergarten…I can remember like it was yesterday. I was standing at my easel, and the teacher told me to paint something. So, I painted a two story red house with a tall chimney, a door and one window. Next, the large tree trunk and a big round ball of leaves at the top. Then I painted a large yellow sun in the corner with yellow rays beaming down. I think we all did that!!
I am just an old fashioned watercolor artist who has been blessed to be able to sell my paintings. The greatest joy is that I am having more fun now than ever before.

I wish I could say that my artwork has paid the bills and put food on our table, but I also retired after 30 years of working for J.I. Case in Bettendorf and Case-IH in E. Moline.

Now, please join me on a trip through my ever changing artistic career.

First things first, simple instructions on how to get started. I hope I can help with technical details to all the “wannabe” painters out there.
I began doing my paintings by sitting at the location and painting “what I saw”. I remember one occasion while sitting in a driveway sketching a house and the husband came home and wanted to know why I was watching his house, he was NOT happy…. Another time one of the neighbors called the police and they came up to me with guns drawn wanting to know just what I was doing……As time passed, I decided it was better to paint from a photograph. I could stop time at the exact moment when all the right elements are there.

As you will see, I am moving away from the “realistic” painting where my roots began. I always said “I can only paint what I see!” Now I am finding my true “artistic” talents. I am stepping outside the box of “realism” to a new world which I am still exploring. I find myself excited, which results in all night painting sessions. I have found that I can put elements of several photographs into one painting, what a rush!! Whoever said getting older meant you had to stop learning!!