Future Exhibitions

  • Observations Along the Road of Life 
    A Collection of Photographs from Past to Present
    Exhibit |  March 1, 2018 – April 26, 2018
    Meet the Artist (s) | Sunday, March 18, 2018, 1pm – 4pm
    Mike Leinhauser is a native of Bettendorf Iowa. He has taught adult education courses at night and classes through Scott Community College and one through Lincoln Center for the Arts in photography.  Mike enjoys sharing his knowledge and talents in photography with others.  He has also exhibited with the Photo Image League group.

    Artist Statement
    In 1966 my dad took a couple of photos of my new bride.  I was taken by them, loved them.  Out of the service in 1970, I received his camera and darkroom equipment and figured I would teach myself how to use this stuff. I read a lot of articles and looked at a lot of photographs to make sense of it all. I took some photos along the way and finally got tired of going to classes where the instructors were just showing off their fancy equipment and decided to teach classes myself.
    Foggy mornings and inclement weather is a time not too many people go out to photograph.  This has suited my needs and did wonders to the backgrounds and I enjoyed the quiet.  I just photograph whatever appeals to me, as you can see in my images. What have I learned up to now?  Maybe I should have applied myself more.
  •                       March 8 – April 25, 2018

    Artist Reception | Sunday, March 18, 2018 | 1:00pm – 4:00pm


     Artist Statement

    Art is your expression of what is beautiful. Crafting is an art which
    requires learning a skill. Combining my love of painting and the desire for
    depicting nature at its best inspired my watercolor paintings.

    I began drawing at an early age; my favorite subject was animals. My
    grandmother owned a store and graciously provided me all the supplies I
    needed, while encouraging me to continually improve.

    As an adult my life was filled with work, family and outdoor activities and
    my painting was put aside. Years later I picked up painting again; painting
    on any pallet I could find: wood blocks, metal, paper, ceramics, glass and
    furniture. I seemed to hunger to create a style, so I enrolled in every adult class found in the area trying to refine or define my art. After attempting my styles I found my muse through watching and depicting nature at its best, hence I found a love for wildlife painting.

  •             May 1st- June 28th

    (more information at a later date)

  •  May 3 – Jun 28, 2018

    Artist Bio

    Wohlford-Metallo, visual art director for Quad-City Arts in Rock Island, creates sculptural works primarily with paper pulp she makes herself in her home studio. In the past year, she has shown her work at the Crystal Cork Art Quarterly in Dixon, Ill., Art@ Rock River GAP in Rock Falls, Ill., and Bucktown Center for the Arts in Davenport. Her entry, “Compartmentalized States of Being” consists of 12 components, each cast from the same mold using handmade paper. The paper is then embellished with found objects and various surface techniques to illustrate a state of being or a state of mind. (QCCTimes)

  • More to follow

  • July 2 – August 30, 2018

    Artist Bio

    Vero Rose Smith is a photographer, painter, and designer currently based in Iowa City, Iowa. Her recent work has focused on collective memory, the intersection of humanity and environment, and social justice. She is the Assistant Curator for the Legacies for Iowa Collections-Sharing Project at the University of Iowa Museum of Art.


    Artist Statement: An overt confluence of culture and military history has deeply affected both the Icelandic and American sense of identity. America is a country locked and loaded. America always wins. Iceland has never had a military of its own, though Icelanders do love their Coast Guard. To Iceland, international military presence and attention was a veritable bridge (rainbow or otherwise) into modernity. Previously an isolated fishing culture known best for nearly-magical knitwear and Nordic ancestry, Iceland was catapulted to the forefront of communications technology during the Cold War. Improbably, the frigid, dreaming island entered a period of international importance and military strategery that has yet to end. Iceland is between, its twentieth century political importance mirroring plate tectonics. So Iceland became the spoiled child of divorce, Russia and America attempting to win the country’s affections through increasingly expensive gifts. Both superpowers wooed Icelanders with film strips, each reel designed to subtly seduce. However, Americans showered the island with surveillance instruments, airplanes, and a new economy. And NATO (the new boyfriend) kept Russia at arms length. For Iceland, military involvement was passive and externally applied. Conversely, the American military complex is the embodiment of nationhood. Regardless, the history is partially shared. These photographs document the former (soon to be re-militarized) NATO base, located near Keflavík.

    Painting series,“Mediated Moons” | A meditation on personal data and the feminine body.

    Artist Statement: In an age of easily quantified selfhood, what data points matter? What (if any) combination of meticulously measured steps, heartbeats, breaths, posts, and tweets can accurately reflect a fully human experience? Are these discrete values digitally gathered more valuable than bodily observations? Can a mobile device tell us something more important than the moon? Long a symbol connected to the divinity of fertility, the moon is a menstrual sentinel, a marker of time for both the earth and for the individual human observer.  For the month of May 2016, I recorded my dreams. I then mapped my dream-remembrances onto the corresponding moon phase and created a series of stencils. Finally, I produced tonal paintings meant to emulate the emotional context of each dream, and married these stenciled surfaces to mirrors. I am currently working on a web-based application to allow users to create their own moon-dream stencils in real time.



  • December 1, 2019 – January  30, 2020

    More to Follow

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