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  • September 7 – October 28, 2018
    Meet the Artist |Sunday, September 16 | 2:00pm – 4:00pm
    The Snail
    with its silver Trail
    says follow me.
    But SLOWlY
    There is so much to see. 
    Artist Statement
    After training at Iowa State University (BS) and exploring at the University of Tennessee (MS), I formed the foundation of my personal approach to communicating visually. Through the experiences, I discovered my decision-making process of DESIGN. The image destination becomes the structure of design. Each new media is a road or path to each the visual journey’s end. Reality and abstract pieces become decision-making exercises in the structure of design. My art starts with an idea, a thought, a feeling, or a location. The media is the last decision selected before a mark is made on the surface.
  • Meet The Artists 

    Sunday, September 16 | 2:00pm – 4:00pm

    Carlene Dingman Atwater
    Artist Biography
    Carlene Dingman Atwater was raised on a farm outside of West Point, Iowa; she’s drawn pictures of horses since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Watercolor was her first medium of choice when she saw a Wendell Mohr watercolor. The richness of colors and the transparency of the medium inspired Carlene to pursue watercolor. This evolved to include pastel and oil painting.
    Carlene’s introduction to plein air was 25 years ago when the local art center asked her to paint at their garden tour. A lover of the great outdoors this was a perfect fit. She could be seen at the local parks, on the banks of the river or anyplace she could find a nice view.
    In 2011 Carlene started a blog, in order to join the daily painters’ movement. Her goal was to post a new, small, oil painting every day for a year. She ended up with over 200 (mostly 6×6) paintings the first year. Along the way she discovered that the discipline of painting (mostly) every day improved technique and pushed her to try new subjects.
    Carlene started her “52 Faces of Volunteerism”. with the goal of painting oil portraits from life, once a week, for a year. She started from life for a two hour session, then, because of the volunteers’ busy lives, she finished the portrait from photos. The end exhibit was a tribute to the local non-profits and the volunteers that keep them going.
    In her own words: “I believe that a passion for learning is critical; with every painting you discover something new about color, composition and design. The challenge to create the unexpected and original art fuels the imagination. I never tire of the creative process and am always excited to start working on a new project. The process of learning and evolving is empowering.”
    Recent Solo Exhibit
    2016 – Fifty Two Faces of Volunteerism – Fort Madison Area Arts Association
    2015 – Fairfield Arts Association, Fairfield, Iowa
    2014 – University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinic, Iowa City, Iowa
    2013 – North Missouri Arts Council, Marceline, MO
    Recent Awards
    2018 – 3rd place Paint Van Buren, Bentonsport, Iowa
    2017 – !st place Bloomfield Plein air Bloomfield, Iowa
    2017 – 1st place Paint Van Buren, Bentonsport, Iowa
    2016 – 3rd place Nocturne Bluff Strokes, Dubuque, iowa
    John Preston

    Artist BiographyJohn lives in Fairfield but grew up on America’s three coasts and has been painting and drawing the Iowa landscape since 1984. He began with the expansive skies and fields of the Midwest but is currently exploring its rivers, woods and small towns. His Midwestern images have been exhibited regionally, nationally and as far away as Cambodia and Nigeria. His work is included in public and private collections, including Iowa State University, John Deere and the Chicago Federal Reservasse





    Cathryn A. Layer

    Artist statement

    As a youngster, I was always drawing and painting. Life became fuller and gave way to other creative outlets in the forms of teaching and problem solving, studying more, travelling…and so I have come full circle. When I retired, now five years ago, with a bit more time to devote, I picked up my brushes again. I’m drawn to settings with water because I love the reflections and refractions. I prefer more abstract renditions, however, sometimes my paintings turn out rather realistic. I favor working with oils or watercolors.







    Jessica Kirby

    Artist Biography

    Jessica is a graduate from Western Illinois University. She paints in oil, watercolour and pastel. She recently took up plein air painting and spends the majority of her time outdoors painting and participating in competitions.







    John Evans

    Artist Biography

    John is an artist working primarily in pastel and colored pencil. He is a retired art teacher who spent 38.5 years in the classroom.
    A graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with a bachelors degree in art education, John began his teaching career at Lynnville-Sully where he taught K-12 art for 19.5 years. He joined the staff at Pekin in 1992 where he taught Middle School Art, High School Art, Photography, Computer Graphics and was the yearbook adviser. John retired from education in the Spring of 2010 after a 39.5 years in teaching.
    During his time in education he maintained a studio in his home where he continued to develop a personal style in a variety of media.
    He is a charter member of the Iowa Pastel Society. A signature member of the Iowa Pastel Society. President Iowa Pastel Society.






    Artist Statement

    I am a landscape painter. My subject matter is very traditional and my painting style floats between realism and impressionism. The Impressionists and Post Impressionists have greatly influenced me.

    If I could put my finger on why I paint, what I paint, where and how I paint, it is to simply search out special places and explore the emotional moments with all senses on high alert throughout the entire process of creating art. It intrigues me how light elevates a commonplace landscape to an extraordinary one. I strive for my paintings to be lyrical accounts of that unique fleeting moment in time. My intent is simply to convey an emotional and intuitive response to the mystery and serenity of the landscape in light and shadow. Hopefully, I compel the viewers to interpret my work from their own rich pool of memories, impressions, and experiences and in a little different way each time they encounter it.

    I found pastel to be a wonderful link between painting and drawing. The pastels’ ability to maintain the integrity of individual strokes, combined with the liveliness of its colors, foster a passionate poetic language of marks.

    If I can give the viewer an impression of atmosphere, if I can open their eyes to the simple beauty around us, then I have done well.


    Fresh Paint 2012..Catiri’s…Honorable Mention

    Corning En Plein Air Festival…Summer 2012 3rd Place

    Malvern En Plein Air Festival….Sept. 2011  2nd Place

    Corning En Plein Air Event…Summer 2011 1st Place

    Celebrate Washington Art Event…Summer 2011 1st Place

    Work in many private collections.



    Gin Lammert 

    Artist Statement
    Creating visually is something I’ve done all my life.  I loved coloring in colorbooks when very young then doodling whenever my hands felt idle while growing up.  Now the problem-solving process of mixing color, simplifying what I see before me, and translating the beauty that surrounds me is all I desire to do.



  • “Evanny Angelene Henningsen grew up in Eastern Iowa in an environment that helped foster her early propensity for art. During high school, she actively participated in life drawing sessions with Chuck Morris at Maquoketa Art Experience and in the Quad Cities with Atom Gallery. After completing an Associate’s degree, she moved to Florence, Italy to study classic realism at Angel Academy of Art with a method adopted from 19th century European ateliers. After two years, she left to explore a different method of painting utilizing a full-color palette under contemporary master, Jeff Hein, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Subsequently, Evanny worked and exhibited at Poor Yorick Studios, attended workshops and was a recipient of the Hudson River Fellowship in New Hampshire. Having returned to the Midwest, Evanny is currently teaching and exploring new painting techniques. She is admired for her ability to create a sensation of life and depth of soul. Her work can be seen on her website AngeleneArt.com or Instagram @evanny_angelene.” 
  • November 1 – December 27, 2018



    Tara Moorman was raised in a family of fine craftsmen and women who were always building something. She embraces their creative and artistic traditions. Inspired by old family photographs and a desire to bring her ancestors to life, the photos became an opening that allowed her to merge art with love of family, history, ancestry and storytelling. Her ancestors beckon her to keep working and sharing her creativity with the world.

    Tara’s work “Letters to my Ancestors”, her summer 2017 solo show at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (CRMA) was widely received. Tara’s artwork and intuitive writings from the show were published by the CRMA. She has exhibited at numerous juried exhibitions at the CRMA, Black Earth Gallery, Polk County Heritage Museum, Davis Art Center, Ft Myers, FL, The Albuquerque Museum of Art and the Sedona Art Center.

    Her work is found in many public and private collections, including the United Way of East Central Iowa, The American Cancer Society, Hope Lodge at the University of Iowa Hospitals, St Luks Hospital, and the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.

    Tara was born in Newton, Kansas. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. She lives and works in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

    Artist Statement

    A box of old family photographs from the 1800’s – 1960’s, inherited from my mother and grandmother, are the impetus for my work. Inspired to bring these ancestors to life, the photos became an invitation to merge my art, love of family, history, ancestry and storytelling. Painting their spiritual light with an aura of rainbow colors, creates an etheric atmosphere, while showcasing their period clothes, beautifully patterned dresses, boots, hats and cars lends a contemporary feel to the portraits.

    Meet my maternal grandmother, Anna Stubblefield Nation, follow her life as a young girl, living on a farm, through her marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Charlie Nation, up until her last days. If you see your family in mine, please join me, reconnecting and honoring those who came before.




    Kent Broadbent         

    Artist Biography


    Illinois State University – Normal, IL | Painting & Sculpting

    Augustana College – Rock Island, IL | Figure Drawing

    Additional Professional Training:

    Shag Rag Alley Workshop: Cold Wax & Oil Painting 


    Solo Exhibitions

    2017    Prairie Arts Center – Princeton, IL

    Duo Exhibitions

    2017   The Artry Midcoast – Rock Island IL

    2017    Quad Cities Arts / Quad Cities Airport – Moline, IL

    Group Shows

    2018   Regional Survey of Art, The Next picture Show – Dixon, IL

    2018   Galex 52 National Juried Show, Gales Art Center – Galesburg, IL

    2017    Abstract Art, The Next Picture Show – Dixon, IL (Mineral Point –Honorable Mention)

    2017  64 Arts National Juried Show, Buchanan Center for the Arts – Monmouth, IL

    2017   Living Proof Visualization of Hope, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art – Cedar Rapids, IA

    2016   Regional Survey of Art, The Next Picture Show – Dixon, IL (A thing about Corn- Best of Show)

    2016   Modern Art Show, The Next Picture Show – Dixon, IL (Smash 1 -Second Place)

    2016  Galex 50 National Juried Show, Galesburg Art Center – Galesburg, IL

    2016   Living Proof Exhibit, The Figgie – Davenport, IA

    2018   Galex 49 National Juried Show, Galesburg Art Center – Galesburg, IL


    2018   Cancer Center at Unity Point – Moline, IL (Painting on display)

    2018   Living Proof | Cancer Survivor Art – Moline, IL (Artwork being used as a bookmark)




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