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    Artist Bio

    I am a full time process based artist over the last 6 years. Born in 1957 in the Netherlands I received bachelors in science, communication and arts  and  journalism, worked as journalist, editor-in-chief and event organizer.  I emigrated to the USA in 2006.

    Art By Chrisje Original Paintings and Sculptures by Maquoketa Artist Chrisje

    My works unearth our connection with the natural environment and our artificial interference with it. I create art that critically looks at societal structures and systems of injustice. This process is motivated by intentionality to create works that are cognizant of the reality we live in and driven by my passion to bring awareness to my community and change to society.

    My personal experiences, my love for humanity and nature, and my hope for world peace is reflected in my art practice. We should all take action in contributing to a more equal and just world and celebrate its already
    existing natural beauty.

    Meet the Artist

    I know, I know, you came all the way to the gallery because you want to meet the artist in person and now she is not there:  So let me introduce myself, I am Chrisje.  Everything you see in this show is part of me, combine them and you find a person as diverse as her art is, engaged, colorful, intriguing, raw with a cultivated edge; but above all, honest without filters.

    Please enter and meet the artist at the Maquoketa Art Experience through my art.

    ***(Pictures on the website are “thumbnail” representations of actual pieces)