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    Thomas attended Layton School of Art and became an Illustrator, creating artwork for advertising and children’s books for many national and local companies during the last 46 years. During summers he exhibited at Art Fairs and also did Pastel Portraits.

    Recently Thomas has been doing Plein Air Painting ( painting from life outdoors). Much of his current work is representative of this discipline.

    He tries to capture the light and atmosphere of a scene within a few hours. Thomas believes that a painting is not just a two dimensional illusion, but also that of a moment in life, captured by an artist on canvas.

    Thomas is a founding member of Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association. The WIPAPA has been established as a state wide fellowship of artists dedicated to promoting and practicing the traditional discipline of Plein Air painting. Members seek to honestly interpret the natural and man-made beauty and diversity of Wisconsin’s landscapes and culture. We will strive to enhance member’s skills and reputations by providing regular opportunities to paint outdoors together, and to critique our work  and share our expertise with fellow artists in order to maintain the highest standards  of the Plein Air tradition of painting.

    Thomas states he has found that while doing a painting outdoors  he is  immersed in the moment, later when he  look at the painting ” I can remember all the things that went on as I painted, the weather, the birds singing, a small animal moving through the scene, people who have stopped to talk to me.” The memories are all part of the painting.

                                                                        Click here to view video by Thomas Buchs
    Plein Air Painting events include;

    3rd place in Quick Paint – 2008 Downer Street Event

    1st place in Quick Paint – 2008 Mid-Summer Brush

    1st place in Quick Paint – 2009 Mid-Summer Brush

    Honorable Mention at IPAPA First Brush of Spring 2009

    1st place in Painting – 2010 Wauwatosa Plein Air and Village Affair

    3rd place in Dockside Quick Paint 2010 Door County Plein Air Festival

    3rd place in Oil at the 2011 IPAPA First Brush of Spring

    2nd place – 2012 Richfield Historical Society Art at the Mill- Plein Air Event

    2nd Artist Choice Award  – 2013 Cedarburg Plein Air Event

    1st place – 2013 Richfield Historical Society Art at the Mill- Plein Air Event

    1st place – 2013 Historic Third Ward Plein Air Event

    People’s Choice at 2013 New Berlin Plein Air Event

    Merit Award at 2014 IPAPA First Brush of Spring

    Best of Show and People’s Choice at Paint the Point Plein Air Event – Mineral Point

    1st place at 2014 New Berlin Plein Air Event

    Shorewood Historical Society Award and People’s Choice at 2014 Shorewood Plein Air Event

    2nd place-2014-Theodore Robinson Plain Air Event

    3rd Place 2015 Paint the Point Winter Edition-Mineral Point

    Beloit College Patron of the Arts Award-2015 Beloit Friends of the Riverfront Plein Air Event

    Honorable Mention-2015 and 2016 Historic 3rd Ward Plein Air Event

    2nd Place Nocturne 2015 and 2016 Paint the Point Summer Plein Air Event-Mineral Point

    1st Place Quick Paint 2015 Catiris Plein Air Event

    Merit Award 2015 Between the Bluffs Plein Air Event -LaCrosse

    1st place 2016 Pewaukee Waterfront Art Fair Plein Air Event

    People’s Choice at 2016 New Berlin Plein Air Event

    1st place-2016 Historical Evansville Category -Theodore Robinson Plain Air Event

    Best Field Study-Field to Finish Show 2017 IPAPA First Brush of Spring

    Merit Award- 2017 IPAPA First Brush of Spring

    2nd Place Quick Paint 2017 Milwaukee Museum Mile Plein Air Event

    Artist’s Choice and Judge’s Choice for best nocturne at the 2018 Fairfield Plein Air Event.

    Best representation of Fairfield at the 2018 Fairfield Plein Air Event.

    Merit Award at 2019 IPAPA First Brush of Spring.

    2nd place Best of Cedarburg Award 2019 Cedarburg Plein Air event.

    3rd place Artist’s Choice 2019 Cedarburg Plein Air event.

    Juried Art Exhibitions;

    Firefly Art Festival – 2008-2009-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016

    Milwaukee Domes Art Festival – 2010-2011-2012-2013

    Hidden River Art Festival -2010-2011-2012-2013

    Plymouth Art Fair -2010-2011

    The Little Show-Cedarburg -2011

    Stevens Point Art Festival-2012-2013

    Richfield Historical Society Art at the Mill- 2013

    2014 National Oil and Acrylic Painters “Best of America” Show

    One Man Show-October 2015 month long at the Beloit Fine Arts Incubator

    Richeson 75 2013 Still Life and Floral Show -2 Finalist and 4 Meritorious

    Richeson 75 2015 Small Works Show -Finalist

    League of Milwaukee Artists 2016 POE-etry Show 1st Place, 2017 Oconomowoc Show 3rd place

    3rd Place “Under the El” 2017 LMA Winter Show #2

    Art Exhibition Awards;

    Honorable Mention – 2008 Waukesha Art Fair

    Best of Show – 2010 Plymouth Art Fair

    First Place – 2011 Plymouth Art Fair

    First Place – WIPAPA Annual Show 2010

    Third Place – WIPAPA Annual Show 2012

    Certificate of Excellence – 2013 Stevens Point Art Festival

    Best of Show – 2013 Kenosha Art Fair

    8 Time – Favorite 15% BoldBrush online Competition

    First Place -“Point of Color: The Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association Juried Show,” at the Monroe Arts Center

    2nd Place- 2015 “En Plein Air” Exhibit, The Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, FL

    One of 3 Judges for the 2016 Wisconsin State Fair Plein Air Event

    One of 3 Judges for the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair Childrens Art Event

    One of 2 Judges for the 2017 Oconomowoc Art Fair

    Best of Show-Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery January 2017 Online Show

    Best of Show “Under the El” 2018 Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery October Online Show



  • February 6 – April 2, 2020

    Artist Reception 
    Sunday, February 9, 2020 |  2:00 – 4:00pm


    David Zahn lives and works in Moline, Illinois. Originally from the Chicago area, he has been creating art work for many years. David creates imaginative sculptures, and is known for his bronze and ceramic pieces. His figure based art works are interesting to look at containing some sort of mystery in them. Movement is another important aspect of David’s art. He likes to create intriguing juxtapositions of static and flowing forms in his imagery. Works by David Zahn can be found in public, private, and corporate collections. There are many pieces of his art on permanent public display both indoors, and out doors, in Iowa, Illinois and other locations.


    Artist Statement 

    As an artist who has been creating works for many years, there are some aspects of my pieces that are apparent. The human form has always been a major element in my work. Integrating images of people and blending them with abstract forms has been a long lasting direction in my art. I strive to create a feeling of timelessness and a strong emotional element in each piece. I make finished works in bronze, ceramic, and other materials as needed. I love to do commissions for individuals, or organizations. Creating a realistic portrait, or a one of a kind art work for a specific purpose is always an exciting endeavor for me.

    I also like to have a bit of mystery in my art, so don’t be surprised if you can’t figure out exactly what is going on. My work is imaginative, thought provoking, and surrealistic at times, so the viewer has to make some of their own conclusions.