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    • Do you love music?  Do you remember the mental and emotional enjoyment of singing? Are you more than 55 years old, female and live in the Maquoketa area? Do you just want to sing? Then the TREBLE TAPESTRY VOICES Group may be for you!  TAPESTRY VOICES is a group of women’s voices of diverse ability and age (many colors of threads) woven (blended) into a cohesive unit of expressive song

      TAPESTRY VOICES  group will meet Monday at 12:30 at Maquoketa Art Experience | 124 S Main, Maquoketa.  Make up chorus times Thursday at 12:30 at MAE.

      Come and gain musical knowledge, singing technique, and the camaraderie that occurs in an ensemble group.  Bring your lunch, eat before or after-

      Contact: Nancy Kilburg at 562 249 6200 or Pam Crawford at 652-2591

      Director: Pamela Crawford                                         

    • Every fourth Thursday of the month | 1-4pm | FREE

      Credit Classes for Teachers and Artists

      Bring any art project to work on during this four-hour time period.

      MAE can provide easels, computers, and drop cloths.

      Just bring your other materials and project(s).


    • This group meets the third Thursday of every month at MAE at 1:00 pm

      Come “zen” and doodle 

      Meet   *   Create   *   See


    • A free student run ART CLUB for high school students in the community.


      Come and see what it is about

      Let out your creative side in a fun environment

      When:  Every Tuesday Begins September 6th, 2016

      Time:  4-5 pm

      Where: Maquoketa Art Experience (124 S Main)

      A safe place for students: 

      To express themselves in creative ways

      To try new things

      To become the artist they want to become


    • Saturday, May 5th, 2018

      The Layers of Maquoketa will host a “Chalk the Walk” event as a part of the May 1 –May 5, 2018 Layers Celebration. This event brings together many different layers/groups/individuals who are a part of this community, defining who we are as Maquoketans. Chalk the walk will give you an opportunity to express yourself and who you are as an individual, family or friends.

      Chalk the Walk is free and open to the public on Saturday, May 5th, 2018, from 9am to 3pm. There is not a fee to participate in this event. You will only need to provide your talent and enthusiasm…!

      Application must be submitted by April 28th:

      To submit via mail: Maquoketa Art Experience, 124 S Main, Box 993, Maquoketa, Iowa 52060. You will need to also attach a color copy or a color photo of your proposal and identify it with your name

      Applications may also be picked up at: Maquoketa Chamber at 124 S Main, Maquoketa, Iowa 52060. Please include a colored photo or color copy of your proposed work and identify it with your name.
      To apply Online, please Register below:

      Register here for the Event

      More Information About Chalk The Walk


      • Please sign you chalk art work when finished.
      • Please no use of words, logos or anything that is demonic, gang related or inappropriate for “family”viewing
      • No Fixatives such as hairspray etc.
      • People will be walking around your square, please try to keep your supplies well contained.
      • Please respect others who are painting around you; i.e.: do not walk on their painting or have open beverage containers which could spill and ruin someone’s artwork.
      • There will be no access to power sources during the festival. Please bring your own batteries to supply power to your electric equipment.


      • Layers of Maquoketa will provide special pastel chalk. You will receive one box of chalk to start, which includes 24 colors.
      • If you need additional colors a “chalk Swap” will be available and you may “swap” with other street painters as well.
      • You may supply your own pastel chalk. Layers will also provide erasers for blending and baby wipes.


      • Hats for sun.
      • Piece of cardboard to sit or stand on to avoid smearing your work.
      • A pillow, gardner’s pad or knee pads to kneel on.
      • Plastic to cover your work when finished.


      • Use chalk sparingly. Build up your layers, start with a very light layer on the bottom.
      • A big chalkboard eraser works great for laying down large areas of color. Moving the eraser in a circular motion.
      • If you are a first timer, consider using one object as the focal point of your work-a face, a frog, etc. Small details are hard to manage on a rough surface—so think BIG and DRAMATIC.
      • The more you work with chalk on concrete, the more confortable you get. So, practice on the driveway at home..
    • Dale continues with his  fascinating and informative Art Series:


      April 16: Picasso and his influence.

      May 21: Women artists

      June 11: Art and the Korean and Vietnam Wars

      July 2: Art and the AIDS Crisis

      Free and Open to the Public

      (All discussions begin at 6:00pm)

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